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Facial tools from Osmosis are 3 different ways to add shine, firmness and increased circulation.

Use your facial tools after cleansing—and cleanse tools afterwards with soap and water.

Then they are ready for the next time.


How to use the Cool Skin tool :

Cool Skin Tool cools, soothes and stimulates blood circulation, which relieves inflammation, irritation and redness. Use it on the face, neck and body, where you need a cool massage. Feel free to use it with a serum. Stays cool for up to 30 minutes.

How to use EPIC Skin Tool :

The award-winning EPIC Skin Tool is a face roller that, with its small prongs optimize your skin care by injecting cream or serum deeper into the skin. Without damaging the skin or yes causes inflammation. Feel free to use it along with serum. Use it on the face, neck and body.

How to use the Rose Quartz Roller + Gua Sha Kit :

With a rose quartz roller for home use, you can optimize take care of your skin, tighten the skin and start the circulation! You can relieve pain and tension with the Gua Sha Kit, by sliding the crystal over the skin with facial oil.