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Vitamin C serums:


Vitamin A serums:


Growth factor serum:


Osmosis Serums are divided into 2 categories :

1. A - Vitamin serums that are soothing, correcting, renewing and clarifying.

2. Special serums which are Replenish, Catalyst AC-11, StemFactor and Rescue.


How to use Osmosis Serums :

As the molecules in our serums are encased in a fatty substance which ensures that all the active ingredients have penetrated deep into the skin where they will be used, you will find that our serums have a different consistency than what you are normally used to. So we use Activating Mist to lock the serums into the skin.

Your routine will be :

1. Clean up;

2. Serum;

3. Activating Mist - Infuse or Boost;

4. Humidifier After cleansing your skin, apply the serum.

You can easily mix several serums and apply them together. Then massage the serums in until the surface starts to feel sticky. Then spray 6-8 times on your face with the Activating Mist so the serum can be massaged back into the skin until absorbed.